Moving Guide

Packing up your house is the most time consuming part of moving house, one of the best tips we can give to house movers is to make sure that you use it as an opportunity to have a clear-out. There’s no better chance you’ll have to clear out old or unused belongings you no longer need and have a fresh start. It will be much easier to move too, having cleared out unnecessarily belongings you can usually cut down on loading and unloading time by at least 10-20%.

Pack Early

This will help you to gauge how many items you have to pack, allowing you to estimate moving time and giving you plenty of time to purchase packing materials and boxes suitable for all your various goods, ensuring you move goes smoothly and safely. Start with items that aren’t used frequently and then move on to items that are used more often. It’s one of the most important things that you can do when moving, it will also help you to estimate how many boxes you will need too.

Pack Safely

No matter how much of a hurry you’re in, it’s never a good idea to rush all your goods into boxes and risk breakages, always ensure whatever you are packing has good protection and is in a suitable size box, boxes packed by yourself are usually not insured by the removal company, so in the event of an accident, you literally want all corners covered!

If you want the moving company to dismantle household furniture or if you are planning to do some packing before the move let your removal company know prior to the removal, dismantling can sometimes take longer than you expect and have a big impact on the time your removal takes.

Label Boxes

Make sure that you label your boxes when packing, it makes the whole loading and unloading process much easier as you can load and unload boxes in groups immediately knowing where they’re from and what room they need to go into. The last thing that you want after unloading is having to open every box to find out where it is and re-moving everything again.

Choosing the Right Boxes

Make sure that you pack the right items into boxes, purchase a variety of boxes so that you have different sizes for different items, there’s no one size fits all! Pack smaller, heavier items such as books into smaller boxes and large items such as cushions and pillows into larger boxes, this ensures you don’t overload your boxes with goods that then become too heavy to lift or cause your boxes to start collapsing.